Mel Allcott Claines

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My Priorities

As your Liberal Democrat councillor for Claines, my priorities are:

  • Protecting green spaces
  • Opposing opportunistic, inappropriate development
  • Helping more people to enjoy parks and recreation facilities

The City Council provides essential services that impact our everyday lives. It helps ensure that businesses respect environmental regulations and social policy. I firmly believe that local businesses should be supported and encouraged by the City Council and will vote for measures that make it easier for small businesses to thrive in Worcester.

Beyond the City Council

Because so much of our local infrastructure and services are provided by Worcestershire County Council, I will work with colleagues and campaign hard to hold the council accountable for improving our pavements and roads, in particular reducing traffic congestion through practical measures such as a city-wide park-and-ride and better bus services.

As a Liberal Democrat, I believe that education is one of the highest priorities in our society. I will continue to work with colleagues across the county and country to fight for proper funding of our country’s future.

If you would like to discuss these priorities, or share a concern, please do get in touch.