Census March 2021

It’s that time of the decade again! Don’t forget to complete the 2021 Census on 21st March or as soon as possible after. You can also submit before if you know who will be in your household on that day. I think most of us are smart enough to work that one out this year !

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We Will Remember Them

This year I, like so many of us, will not be able to attend a Remembrance Service.  We will view this, as another negative for 2020, a collective opportunity missed.  

Technology is amazing but cannot, as we now know all too well, replace human contact with each other.  Yet at the same time, technology can help bring us together across the country, in this extraordinary situation.  

Think Captain Sir Tom Moore.  Humbly setting out to walk 100 laps of his garden, before his 100th birthday.  

BBC coverage and social media has, thankfully helped, with this truly amazing campaign.  Captain Sir Tom Moore raised an incredible £38.9 million in aid of NHS charities (including Gift Aid).

Many of us have suffered and will continue to do so, in this current situation.  A 2nd national lockdown, heading into Winter as opposed to Summer, is bound to cause further anxiety and hardship.

There are many things we cannot do.  Yet there are people we can look to, for solace and inspiration.

I am so humbled to speak about Sir Captain Tom Moore.  Born in 1920, a World War 2 veteran and tremendous inspiration, to myself and no doubt the nation.  

This Remembrance weekend, do order Sir Captain Moore’s biography, Tomorrow Will be a Better day, attend or watch an online service and donate to the Every Poppy Counts appeal.

Tomorrow Will be a Good Day.

Government Overhaul of Planning System

Late on Wednesday evening, the Government unveiled proposals to deliver new housing by overhauling England’s planning system. The Liberal Democrats have slammed the proposals.

The Local Government Association (LGA) Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Howard Sykes, and Baroness Jenny Randerson, have spoken out against and I am sure, will be the first of many, including myself.

Please find consultation links below, do review and comment, if this is an issue for you.





Three months have now passed by, with the country in lockdown, a quarter of the year. There will have been many ups and downs and many different circumstances, in which we will have found ourselves. One thing we will all have in common, is the ability to reflect, to look back to how and what we were doing and feeling when the country effectively closed down and how we are feeling, now.

You Wake Up and You’ve Got Nothing

“You Wake Up and You’ve Got Nothing”.

A headline I read today, struck a major chord with me, the absolute misery and heartache, the floods so clearly present, to everyday individuals.

National news reports appear to be enjoying the excitement of a flood, a change from the usual news. Fascinating, as it is not a regular event, not yet, will be without action.

Will the press and all of us be there? Day by day, week by week, month by month, as people struggle to get their lives back in order? Of course not, victims gradually reconstructing their lives after such devastation, not worthy of headline news.

We must act now.

National Government policy is paying lip service to a rapidly growing crisis, affecting more and more people each year.

The current Government will drive us forward, purely on financial gain. Reduced taxes, alongside inappropriate trade deals, will not fix climate change and the ever growing number of climate change victims.

Demand a future, demand better, do support the Liberal Democrats. We do care and have detailed policy to evidence this..

Out and about campaigning in Claines at the weekend, with Stephen Kearney, Parliamentary Candidate, great to engage with residents again.

Thank you for your time everyone. Also, apologies if you feel you have seen me almost too much, this is the 4th election of the year, I have been involved in !

This one is so important, do take time to read the Worcester Liberal Democrats manifesto for Worcester and contact Stephen Kearney direct, or myself, if you would like to discuss further, or arrange a group meeting with us and other friends, family, colleagues.

See links for Liberal Democrats in Worcester website.

37 Bus

I have just discovered the Claines Saturday 37 Bus Service is to be reinstated on Saturday 23rd November. I would like to say a huge thank you, to all the residents, who have been in contact and given support on this issue.

In particular, thank you for your encouragement, the information and history on local bus provision and signing and sharing the paper and online petitions.

I handed the petitions in to Full Council, Worcestershire County Council, on Thursday 7th November. As a City Councillor (as opposed to County Councillor), I was allowed to speak publicly, for 3 minutes.

I used this time to highlight the vast sums of money agreed in the S106 agreement, for local transport including local bus provision, relevant to Claines. I requested these be used as intended, to enable local residents without car access, to be able to access hospitals, GPs and services, attend events and shops and visit family and friends on a Saturday.

Climate change, the urgency of addressing this, plus the economy, enabling access to the High Street for all, was also touched upon. It was pleasing to note the particular interest taken by some County Councillors. Thank you very much to the officers for enabling this.

At the time of writing I have not received formal notification from Worcestershire County Council or First Bus, on reinstatement of the service. I have taken the information from online publicity promoted by local political opposition. I am seeking official confirmation.

Going forward I will press the issue of Councillors working in collaboration, despite their political allegiance, for the good of all.

Why I Voted Against the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP)

The SWDP is essentially the planning blueprint for Malvern, Worcester City and Wychavon. Under review, once complete, it will run until 2041.

This document is incredibly important. Decisions taken now, will affect our lives and those of future generations, now and forever.

I have reviewed the document and Claines has been allocated green field sites situated just outside the Worcester border. Any financial benefit I suspect will be awarded to Wychavon District Council. Increased pressure on infrastructure and available services awarded to Worcester City Council.

A further 200 homes have been allocated for development in Claines. A major concern is the “Donkey Field” , a significant green space with far reaching views to Grimley and Hallow. Adding to this, further green space, between Bevere Lane and the ongoing development land formerly known as Gwillam’s Farm.

Existing allocations, Old Northwick Farm famous for flooding amongst local residents, remains. Unviable as a site, one private developer, has already sold on.

Consultation starts soon. Do comment. Objections will be taken into account but must link to planning regulations to carry any weight.

I will provide updates on this on a regular basis. Any particular ideas, thoughts or further concerns around this, do contact me.

Save Claines bus service – sign the petition now

Public transport is already very limited in Claines. There is no Sunday service and no evening service

A large amount of retired residents live in the ward and frequently use the service. If taken away, many residents will be unable to undertake regular, routine trips. Shops, services, GPs, dentists, events, friends and family will all become inaccessible .

Many young families also live in the ward. Parents with prams, pushchairs and buggies and no access to a car will struggle.

Residents with reduced mobility and no car will be unable to access the minimal and unreliable other services servicing the main roads only.

Please sign the petition now.

Thank you for your vote – Lib Dem win

I am absolutely delighted to be able to say thank you to all those who voted for me, this time having won the election.

It has been so positive on the doorstep this year. A real pleasure and privilege to discuss politics, both local and national, and ideas for the future with you. It was a bonus to be able to speak with so many of you without the adverse effects of unseasonal weather, so often experienced during a spring election.

As an elected city councillor I can now continue to build upon work already undertaken. Please do contact me with any thoughts and suggestions for both Claines and Worcester City.

Thank you again and very best wishes,

Mel – Cllr Mel Allcott