You Wake Up and You’ve Got Nothing

“You Wake Up and You’ve Got Nothing”.

A headline I read today, struck a major chord with me, the absolute misery and heartache, the floods so clearly present, to everyday individuals.

National news reports appear to be enjoying the excitement of a flood, a change from the usual news. Fascinating, as it is not a regular event, not yet, will be without action.

Will the press and all of us be there? Day by day, week by week, month by month, as people struggle to get their lives back in order? Of course not, victims gradually reconstructing their lives after such devastation, not worthy of headline news.

We must act now.

National Government policy is paying lip service to a rapidly growing crisis, affecting more and more people each year.

The current Government will drive us forward, purely on financial gain. Reduced taxes, alongside inappropriate trade deals, will not fix climate change and the ever growing number of climate change victims.

Demand a future, demand better, do support the Liberal Democrats. We do care and have detailed policy to evidence this..